Jun 20, 2019

Administrative Assistant for East Valley Christian School & Preschool

  • East Valley Christian School
  • East San Jose, CA, USA
Full time Administrative

Job Description

ABOUT EAST VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL AND PRESCHOOL: East Valley Christian School (EVCS) serves the children of Christian families in Santa Clara County from Kindergarten - 8th grade, and East Valley Christian Preschool (EVCP) serves children from ages 2-5 years old.

At EVCS, we pride ourselves of our mission in providing a quality education that empowers each of our students to excel both academically and spiritually. The emphasis is on the individuality of the student and to assist him/her in properly responding to himself/herself and others: to develop self-confidence, individual God-given talents and abilities in creativity, goal setting, forecasting, communications, academics and the principles for success. Each child comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, achieves a higher level of Christian maturity, attains a deeper commitment and becomes a more effective witness for the Lord.

At EVCP, our teachers are called to provide a safe, loving and Christ-centered environment to enrich the knowledge, capabilities, spiritual development, and self-esteem of each child. Our dedication is to help all of our children to develop the skills they will need to become happy and productive individuals.

POSITION SUMMARY: We are seeking an extraordinary Christian faith based administrative assistant, who can assist our EVCS school principal with various tasks as well as act as lead the processes with new and current student enrollment, assist with parent relationships, and take on special projects for both East Valley Christian School and East Valley Christian Preschool.

This individual must act as a liaison between parents with students, and school principal and other school leaders of EVCS and EVCP, and be a team-player where you have knowledge of day-to-day school operations, and most often communicate with parents, and work effectively with school staff members and leadership. Major decisions are clearly discussed and communicated with all key stakeholders, including management.

The ideal administrative assistant will have great “people skills”, whereby you have a clear understanding of our school culture, and will be able to effectively assist with the screening process of new student enrollments for EVCS and EVCP, and have a passion for the Lord, children and education.


Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

Answer all incoming new customer inquiries whether it be from phone, walk-in, or web form. Includes sending out inquiry packets.

Works with School Director and Principal to set up School Tours & Education Success Consultations appointments for new customer.

Responsible for following up with all new customers- guiding them through the enrollment process, answering any questions/concerns, and reaching out to new customers who may have dropped communication in the process.

Monitor marketing 360 platform to screen through web and phone inquiries.
Inputting and maintaining accurate records in Quickschools for both EVCP and EVCS (New Inquiry section only). Prepare and manage all forms that go into the new inquiry, new enrollment and re-enrollment packets.
Update all new inquiry and enrollment forms for next school year.
Maintain current parent relationships

•Prepare and send re-enrollment forms to current parents during re-enrollment season.
•Follow up with all parents to make sure they have all required re-enrollment paperwork and assist with withdrawals.
•Initiate contact with new parents the first week of their kids starting school- answer any questions/concerns they may have.
•Assist with keeping track of Parent Volunteer Hours, and inform parents of opportunities to participate.

•Create and Manage Annual Events Calendar list of events that combine EVCP and EVCS parents and their kids (ex. Open House, Grandparents Day, Shadow Days).

Assist with special projects throughout the year - includes Open House, and other events that combine EVCP and EVCS parents and kids (examples listed above).

Report to leadership team (including marketing) on a weekly basis with # of new inquiries, and provide feedback of "Getting to Know You" forms, "Exit" interviews, end of the year surveys or any other surveys.

Research and list non-compete community churches and other organizations that may lead to connecting with potential new customers.


Friendly, professional with a "Can-Do" attitude- able to communicate efficiently with Parents and Leadership Skilled problem solver
Able to handle tasks independently and flexible attitude to accept direction

Computer literate w/ability to learn new programs Detail oriented
Organizational Skills

If you would like to learn more about EVCS please visit www.evcsonline.org

This is an equal opportunity employment position. 

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