Mar 16, 2019


$40,000 - $50,000 yearly
  • Violet Ridge Church of Christ
  • Crittenden, KY, USA
Full time Chaplain Church Counseling Ministry Jobs Nonprofit

Job Description

Violet Ridge Church of Christ, a traditional, instrumentalist Church of Christ, is seeking a dedicated Bible Scholar with demonstrated experience engaging the congregation and community. We have a passionate congregation averaging 130 on Sunday morning, with active and invested Elders and Deacons.

Purpose: This position is to serve the Lord with a passion and sincere love for God, promote growth in relationships with the Lord and one another, and outreach to the lost. To glorify God in word, worship and daily lives.

 Scope of Responsibility: The minister will work within the vision and mission of the Violet Ridge Church of Christ, under the direction of the Eldership, and as a member of the ministry team. He will provide leadership for planning and coordinating of activities, along with the functions and events of the Violet Ridge Church of Christ. He is expected to lead the ministry team in order to get the best results from programs. He will coordinate ministry planning and facilitation and keep the Elders advised. His life must be a model that demonstrates a faithful Christian, husband and/or father. He must set a proper example of Biblical, Christian behavior at all times.


  • Be accountable to the Elders.
  • Preach at Sunday morning and evening services.
  • Teach Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible study.
  • Visit members, shut-ins, nursing homes, and visitors regularly.
  • Coordinate planned ministry/congregational activities that reflect Biblical objectives.
  • Attend all scheduled church activities – men’s prayer breakfast, 5th Sunday dinner, Christmas Cantata, etc.
  • Provide monthly status report to Elders concerning contacts, activities, issues, concerns and needs.
  • Be available as needed/as applicable on days off (special circumstances, funerals, emergencies, etc.)

 Administrative Duties:

  • Serve as a team leader to coordinate office procedures, and other items relating to providing the congregation with an effective service center.
  • Schedule, lead and participate in staff meetings which will enhance and enable better relationships with God, each staff member, and the congregation.
  • Insure the quality of the weekly bulletin.
  • Complete various administrative functions including budgeting and management for the administrative area and others as may be assigned.
  • Maintain availability by phone and schedule regular office hours and days off.


  • Know that the Bible as the complete and inerrant Word of God.
  • Develop relationships outside the Church and within the community. Participate in community activities to further Church outreach and growth.
  • Lead the establishment of written goals for the overall ministry program and have a detailed plan on how to accomplish and reach goals each year. Review with Eldership prior to implementation.
  • Function as a valuable part of the ministry team.
  • Family participates as a family unit within the Church.
  • Advise the Elders of any special programs, issues and/or conflicts with the congregation.
  • Spend at least 2 hours each day in personal Bible study and prayer for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Have self-improvement/career goals for the year and review with Eldership.
  • Attend all scheduled Church services and fellowships.
  • Develop sermons/plans/themes for preaching which are consistent with a Biblical interpretation method as encouraged by the Church of Christ.
  • Develop an understanding of the various ministries at Violet Ridge Church of Christ.
  • Annual performance evaluation with the eldership.


  • Provide pre-marital counseling and other counseling to those who desire it.
  • Offer referral and encourage further help for those who need it.


  • Member of the Church of Christ.
  • Strong faith and commitment to the call of serving the Lord as minster.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills both verbal and written, as well as a demonstrated ability to lead Bible study, organize activities, communicate ideas and use time effectively.
  • Technological expectations: Email, Microsoft Office.
  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies, Ministry, or similar area of focus.
  • 3 years’ experience preferred.


  • Starting salary $40K/year.
  • Housing provided.
  • 2 weeks paid vacation.
  • 1 week revival compensation
  • Compensation for educational/inspirational conferences.
  • Phone allowance.

 If you have the qualifications for this position, please send resume, cover letter, and references to:

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