Feb 26, 2019

Assistant Principal - Academics

  • American International School of Accra
  • Accra, Ghana
Full time Administrative Education K-12 School Jobs Missionary

Job Description

Job Description

(February 2019)



The Assistant Principal’s primary role is to support the work of the Principal and to complete tasks which are essential to the academic health of the school. The Assistant Principal reports to the Principal and is responsible for assisting to manage the daily academic business of the school. Along with working directly for/with the Principal, the Assistant Principal will assist in providing leadership to develop and maintain a stellar educational program which maintains high educational standards and encourages staff and students towards being their best.

General Responsibilities:

  • Assist with the organization and execution of academic activities and events
  • Attends Leadership Team meetings to discuss, plan and implement school-wide policies and programs
  • Assists in coordinating and administering standardized tests 
  • Provides direction for parent/teacher and student-led conferences
  • Assumes responsibility as assigned for specific committee work
  • Assumes responsibility as assigned for special programs (“One Hundred Days of School, Science Fair, Christmas Program, Reading Challenge, etc.”)
  • As assigned performs observations, walk throughs, and contributes to the evaluations and supervision of applicable teacher assistants, instructional staff, and volunteers
  • Recommends upkeep and development of facilities and equipment related to role
  • Supports teachers, Guidance Counselor and Principal with parent meetings, correspondence, and communication
  • Assists in planning agendas for leadership and faculty meetings, and conducts school staff meetings in the absence of the Principal
  • Assist in student referrals to special services as needed
  • Demonstrates the character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, kindness, self-control, perseverance and punctuality
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Be a strong Christian witness to families, students and colleagues
  • A Master’s Degree in School Leadership is preferred
  • Experience in School Administration and Supervision is preferred
  • Preferred minimum 2 years’ experience teaching and 2 years in administration
  • Meet the certification standards set by ACSI and other accreditation agencies
  • Ability to clearly communicate and represent the school well to the community
  • Ability to assist in managing a diverse staff
  • Ability to demonstrate a reasonable level of computer literacy


  • Have acceptable computer literacy and skills in computer applications, such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite
  • Maintain a clean, attractive, well-ordered room
  • Have knowledge of the school’s curriculum and standards
  • Cooperate with employees in other departments
  • Respond politely to stakeholders
  • Think quickly and act appropriately in emergency situations
  • Be flexible and able to adapt to change
  • Be able to function properly under time constraints
  • Be able to continue to perform well under pressure
  • Have punctual and regular attendance
  • Communicate effectively with a wide variety of audiences
  • Be highly organized, creative, and analytical
  • Work in a close-knit team environment.
  • Perform all work duties in a safe manner
  • Help ensure that the school environment in the is Christian-based, nurturing, wholesome, and loving
  • Integrate Biblical principles and the Christian worldview throughout the role
  • Keep information confidential and request the same of colleagues and families and yet make the appropriate referral breaking confidential to the principal for safety related issues (abuse, suicide, desire to harm others, etc.)
  • Be able to communicate well to students, families and staff
  • Be punctual to work and to assigned meetings
  • Strive to understand the local culture and demonstrate cultural sensitivity to the local and AIS community

Collaborative Relationships:  Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, Administrative Assistant,

Reports to and Supervised By:  Principal (evaluated annually)

Position Type:  Salaried, 12 months, 2-year contract, renewable 

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