Feb 22, 2019

Director of Operations and Programs

$25,000 - $35,000 yearly
  • Founder/Executive Director
  • Stafford, TX, USA
Part time Administrative Creative Arts Education Ministry Jobs Nonprofit

Job Description

Director of Operations and Programs

Job Description


-Greet new students/families

-Give tours to new students families when Student Director is not available

          • Review Creative Dreams’ code of conduct with all new students and obtain signature

-Reach out to local churches, businesses, organizations to partner w/ Creative Dreams

-Recruit volunteers for school work, food, art, dance, music and sports

-Communicate effectively to all families, students and staff about upcoming events, fundraisers, etc.  in conjunction with student director

-Be the face of Creative Dreams

-Maintain positive relationship with neighbors

-Provide a positive, Christ like example to students, families and staff


-Help maintain master mailing list

-Plan master calendar of events, fundraisers, holidays, days off, etc. with Executive Director and

-Maintain finances, pay bills, and contact services as needed.

-Create and distribute all event publicity along with student director

-Maintain and procure office supplies as needed


-Supervise and lead all other staff members (to include student director, art director, music director, kitchen director and all student staff)

-Supervise volunteer coordinator

-Supervise all volunteer team leaders with volunteer coordinator


-Execute each event (annual celebration, concerts,  art shows, craft shows, etc.)

-Solicit donations, sponsorships from local businesses, churches and individuals

-Plan the vision for each fundraiser (One per quarter)

-Help staff each fundraiser (cashiers, food servers, set up, clean up, etc.)

Building Rental

-Supervise facility director

-Maintain pricing at 25% below competitive pricing

Food Service

-Maintain proper food serving/handling license

-Find volunteers, small groups, restaurants to help provide daily meals

-Purchase all supplies for meals, snacks and building needs


-Oversee student workers and assist where needed

-Clean up unexpected messes

-Provide proper equipment and supplies for building to be cleaned

-Supervise bi-weekly cleaning person


-Provide a safe place for students, families to meet

-Keep the presence of the building clean and a place open to the community

Employment Hour Requirements and Salary

Work 30 hours per week - 20 hours per week on sight during youth development program and 10 hours on sight during closed hours

Salary - $25,000-$35,000/ year based on experience

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