Jul 10, 2019

Head Nurse - OR

  • Operation Mobilization
  • Arabian Peninsula
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Job Description

Work overseas.  Share your faith.

Perhaps you've never thought of it quite like this. You — with your professional skills and your life as a follower of Jesus — could be a missionary. As a believer in Jesus, empowered by God's Holy Spirit, you already have what it takes to shine as a light for Christ wherever you are.

But what if you chose to shine someplace with very little light, where Jesus was not known?
A light shines brightest in the darkness.

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Head Nurse - OR


Leads and demonstrates the provision of safe patient and family focused quality care. Responsible for twenty-four (24) hour management of assigned nursing unit. Assesses, plans, directs, implements, and evaluates patient care to comply with established standards in accordance with the American Nurses Association,

Nursing Administration Scope and Standards of Practice and Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA). Leads and demonstrates the successful achievement of the Nursing Affairs (NA) strategic goals.



  • Strives for excellence on unit and promotes excellent team working and interdisciplinary relationships.
  • Ensures that nursing and support teams work flexibly and supportively together and that the objectives for the assigned area are delivered.
  • Leads and demonstrates achievement in decreasing the length of stay/waiting time.
  • Evaluates patient acuity, develops and reviews criteria for work assignment and delivery care model.
  • Ensures that there is planned and effective day-to-day skill mix and staff management. Determines and reviews staffing plans and develops a scheduling system for unit and reviews regularly as staffing, skills mix, and acuity change.
  • Leads collaborative multidisciplinary partnerships working towards the achievement of unit and department goals.
  • Develops evidence based nursing practice in collaboration with Assistant Head Nurse and other Nursing staff. Promotes and maintains a culture within the clinical environment, which challenges and questions practice and promotes critical thinking amongst staff.
  • Leads and demonstrates achievement of clinical quality outcome indicators and patient satisfaction as per unit goals.
  • Promotes resource utilization awareness and the associated financial implication. Leads and demonstrates achievement of cost efficiency on unit as per targets. Prepares annual budget and provides variance reports as required. Forecasts requirements for personnel, supplies, and equipment.
  • Ensures ongoing individual performance appraisals are objectively completed for staff members against set criteria. Assists with action plans arising from these appraisals as necessary.
  • Supports the staff recruitment; encourages and promotes the retention of all staff.
  • Assists and supports staff in the identification, development, and implementation of their role according to his/her career development plan. Plans in collaboration with the Nursing Development and Saudization Department for the training and development of Saudi nursing students and graduates.
  • Leads and demonstrates achievement in meeting targets for Saudization and nationality mix in areas of responsibility, in consistency with NA's strategic plan.
  • Develops and sustains own knowledge, clinical skills, and professional awareness, and maintains a professional profile. Provides documented evidence of performance and maintenance of skills consistent with position.
  • Demonstrates excellent personal communication and teamwork. Treats colleagues, patients and visitors with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Effectively manages the allocated resources including staff, supplies, and equipment.
  • Contributes to the development and evaluation of Hospital wide policies and procedures. Assists with organizational projects as requested including participating on nursing and/or interdisciplinary committees and task forces.
  • Establishes and maintains effective administrative processes on unit. Prepares quarterly reports and maintains records of activity and outcomes. Conducts and facilitates unit meetings and maintains minutes.
  • Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.
  • Participates in self and other's education, training and development, as applicable.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.



  • Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in nursing is required
  • Four (4) years of nursing experience including two (2) years of leadership experience with Master’s Degree, or six (6) years with Bachelor’s Degree is required.
  • Current Registered Nurse licensure from country of origin



  • Furnished housing
  • Free Round-trip Flights: Economy class flights will be provided upon initial hire (Point of Hire to Job Location), during annual leave and upon repatriation (Job Location to Point of Origin) 
  • Year-End Bonus: equivalent to one (1) month basic salary is given at the completion of two-year contract and every year thereafter
  • Severance benefits: equivalent to 15 days basic salary is paid during the first four years, and then one month basic salary for each year thereafter. (The accrued amount is paid out to the employee upon resignation from the Hospital.)
  • Sign-on bonus: USD 5,000 for two (2) years and USD 2,500 for signing one (1) year contract (paid in four installments)*
  • Free Medical care (dental only in emergency)
  • Vacation Days: Annual Leave for a total of 54 days

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