Jul 12, 2018

Educational Short Term Missionary

  • Worldwide Blvd, Hebron, KY 41048, USA

Job Description

Educational Short-term Missions

Do you have a passion to teach in the Body of Christ?

Do you believe that God has called to serve cross-culturally?

Opportunities exist for the right people to visit any number of developing countries for about a week at a time, to teach pastors and other church leaders. These indigenous leaders have little to no access to Bible schools or seminary, so they are especially eager to learn more about God and His Word.

So, who can go?

Well, first, you don’t have to be a Bible College or seminary professor! It is important, however, that you have some experience teaching adults. That means that this is especially targeted to those who have served in their local churches, teaching in Adult Discipleship (or Sunday School).

You also don’t need to have a Bible College or seminary education (though that is certainly a plus). Instead, you need to be willing to learn a particular subject or topic well enough to relay what you’ve learned to others. All the materials needed to learn and to teach are provided. Also, your initial trip would be with an experienced teaching missionary, so you would witness and participate in a training workshop first hand.

There are a few other important qualifications:

  • First, this ministry teaches from a Reformed perspective, so you would have to understand and agree with that system of the Christian faith
  • Second, you would have to raise your own funds for the trip (usually around $1,500 - $2,500). This, however, shouldn’t be a deterrent; in fact, if God had called you to serve in this way, others will confirm that – and that confirmation will often be accompanied with a cheerful financial commitment
  • That leads to the final – and most critical – qualification: these opportunities are reserved for those who really have been called to teach God’s people. Remember, such a calling carries with it a solemn charge (James 3:1). If you have, in fact, been called to do this, your pastor should be aware of that; so, we would want a recommendation from him

 Also, we would expect you to provide a summary of what you believe – about your relationship with God – and why you believe it.

If you teach in your local church, we encourage you to pray about whether God would have you to exercise that gift in a different context: maybe in Africa or Asia or South America. There are many churches around the world that are calling out, like the Macedonians, “Come over… and help us” (Acts 16:6-10). If you “hear” that call, let us know; we may be able to help you respond to it!

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