NAOMI House (Native American Outreach Ministries, Inc.)

NAOMI House is a non-denominational, Christ-centered home for Native American children.  We minister primarily to Native American Children and their families. Our main thrust of ministry is the Children's Home we operate near Joseph City, Arizona.  The home began in 1995.  We maintain a loving, non-institutional home environment for foster children and emergency shelter children.  NAOMI has a long and trusting relationship with the Navajo Nation and with people and organizations throughout Northern Arizona and beyond. 

NAOMI's mission is to raise up, Christ-centered children to be effective leaders in their families, their community and their Nation.  The ministry is growing in both size and programs for the children in order to address the constant need to care for greater numbers of children and to better equip these young people for positive outcomes in life after NAOMI.  

We believe our work is not done until there is no longer a need for NAOMI's.  To that end, we envision using biblical principals and life skills to prepare the children and to heal the addicted and broken adults so they may all reunite as loving, healthy families.  

We operate with a missionary mindset.  The staff and volunteers are constantly rewarded with seeing the working of the Holy Spirit in the life transformations and in His provision.