Client Testimonials

After making a life-changing cross-country move, I really needed help to get my priorities straight. I appreciate that Kevin supports that my job is one of several secondary callings in my life that are expressions of my higher calling to know and follow Jesus.

Under Kevin's coaching I was able to understand my career skills and interests better. He helped me to explore and evaluate career options that could be a great fit for me, and that I had never even thought of. Kevin also helped me to understand how to market myself specifically for the positions that I wanted to apply for. He even showed me how to search for and market myself to companies who were not advertising open positions, which ended up being how I landed the job I just started. Over all this experience allowed me to go after a job in a new role and new industry, being confident I could prove specifically how my skills and experience were transferable and relevant to a prospective employer.

Prior to engaging in my job search I would have considered myself pretty good at searching for a job, resume writing and interviewing. But, I learned so much from Kevin while being coached by him. I would highly recommend Kevin to provide career coaching and preparation training to anyone, no matter what their life stage or career situation.     

Timothy McGrath, Engineer


Thanks for your commitment to providing the tools and resources that help people "discover the work we are designed to do." Your work has provided a clearer picture of my design and, just as importantly, given the tools and detailed action steps to make this a reality. I feel equipped and more confident to take steps forward knowing I am pursuing my design.
Thanks again for your part in my journey!   

John Hartter, Direct Care Staff


Kevin was an important step in my new calling as a teacher of English as a Second/Foreign Language. His company, Christian Career Center, was recommended to me by a friend who had also used the service and is in her new calling as well. Kevin and I worked as a team to discover the talents God placed in me and to channel those talents and aptitudes into a new career path. Kevin is enthusiastic and a global thinker when needed and a linear thinker when needed.   

Barbara Komp, ESL Program Coordinator


I sought out Kevin's services when my job search stalled and the decision to consult with him has truly been life-changing. Kevin is an extremely detail-oriented and knowledgeable career coach. He took the time to catalog my skills and experiences and to understand my hopes and desires. As a result of his insight I am better able to market my abilities because he provided me with the knowledge and the tools to succeed. Additionally, Kevin is a great person - ethical, honest, and caring. In the end he helped me land a tremendous role - one I might have missed or overlooked if not for his mentorship. I can't be happier and I have Kevin to eternally thank!   

Rich Millis, Operations Executive and Agent for the Customer Experience


Kevin’s expertise, insight, and coaching were invaluable during an employment transition. He provided a comprehensive strategy in a methodical, step-by-step process tailored to my specific situation. The planning, structure, guidance, and encouragement that he offered were empowering and effective. His warm, engaging style, coupled with his gentle persistence, kept me on track to a successful transition. I highly recommend Kevin!

Richard Precord, Director, Care Coordination



Kevin was a tremendous asset to me recently as I sought to make a transition in my own vocation. He asked good questions, customized his process to suit my needs, and held me accountable to follow through on actionable steps.

Kevin's counsel helped me not only to know myself better, but also to communicate effectively about my experience and transferrable skills. Kevin understands the whole process from self-assessment and job search, to interview and negotiation. I would highly recommend Kevin to you if you want to discover how your skills, experience, and passion can be harnessed in your vocation to impact this world for the good. Then, get ready for the next adventure! 

Tim Brown, Pastor


Kevin's systematic approach to career counseling is outstanding and very insightful. I found Kevin's materials to be very well organized and his personal coaching style was very easy going, friendly and professional. Kevin utilizes assessment tools and recommends resources throughout the course of consultation. He does a great job interpreting and reviewing your assessment results for better personal comprehension and direct application. I highly recommend Kevin's services and the resources of Christian Career Counseling.

Robert Grant, Business Owner / Entrepreneur


Having worked with Kevin has given me greater insight into my career goals. He is very personable and very knowledgeable about what it takes to move forward with my career goals. Having found his website I am grateful to have been coached by him and obtaining wisdom on how to successfully gain my next career move. 

Kelly Evans, LTSS Housing Outreach Specialist 


Kevin's knowledge of finding and living out your calling has been invaluable to me. He is genuinely interested in his clients and truly desires to make a difference in their lives.

After just a few weeks into the career counseling program, I had a very clear picture of my design, motivations and compelling interests. Sometimes we all need someone from the outside to peer into our lives and give us perspective. Kevin was instrumental in doing just that, throughout the course of the program.

I now have a clearer picture than ever before of where my talents and interests will not only be best put to use, but also what kind of work I will find most fulfilling.

I highly recommend Kevin and the "Live Your Calling" career counseling program. It has changed my life and has been a wonderful experience.

Rick Crook, Corporate Pilot at GrandView Aviation


Kevin's expert assistance and advice as I worked through the Live Your Calling Program enabled me to clarify my God-given design and motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and into inspiring and energizing work that I love. 

Toni Kim, Life Transitions & Wellness Coaching


Kevin did a great job of coaching me through the process of a career transition by helping me evaluate and think of new ways to tap into the very challenging job market. Kevin has a very structured process that keeps you on task and helps to also identify your God-give talents in order to find the best direction for your career. Thank you Kevin for all you have done to help this challenging time work for great results! -

Rebecca (Penner) Skandalaris, Wellness Services Vice President

Kevin is very insightful in guiding a person through their options for career planning. His resources are a valuable tool in placing a person a step ahead within their job market.

Rev Christine Meeker, MDiv, BCC, Certified Chaplain

Kevin's process for a proper career search is very eye-opening and very useful. Not only did his methods introduce me to new possibilities, they also strengthened my resolve to 'say no' to career fields that might be tempting on the surface, but are ultimately not right for me. Kevin is also an excellent listener, and he'll graciously put you 'back on track' if your focus drifts.

Matt Paine, Sales - Marketing - Estimating


Kevin was able to combine his deep experience, with industry measurement/assessment tools to help me uncover the career/profession that would be a good fit with my skills, gifts and interests. Additionally, he provided guidance to help me develop a game plan to pursue these career opportunities. I wish I took advantage of his services years ago. Highly recommended for those "stuck" in a job/career.

Emilio Ortega, Restorative Practice Leader

Kevin understands personality types and he guided me to occupational settings I can be productive, thrive and fulfilled!

John Riedel, Manager of Market Intelligence

The coaching that I received from Kevin led me in the right direction on the path to my true vocational calling.

Michelle R. Hawkins, Senior Financial Analyst


Kevin did an outstanding job guiding me through the career counseling process. He assisted me by finding the strengths I posses through his thorough and systematic counseling techniques. Furthermore, Kevin has an in-depth knowledge of additional resources that assists his counselee's during the career counseling course. Not only is Kevin proficient in his career as a counselor, but also communicates with his clients on a personal level. He is patient, kind, helpful and an overall great individual to work with. I recommend Kevin to anyone who is seeking career counseling.

John Henning Adams, Delivery Driver


Kevin is an excellent mentor for personal career development. I have been deeply enriched by his mentoring. He serves in a very sensitive way, setting a proficient route to develop relevant capacities of the supported persons and at the same time with appropriate flexibility and people skills to provide the needed space to fulfill the established objectives of his professional counseling services.

Arnoldo J Valverde, Microfinance Independent Consultant


As graduation approached, Kevin was very helpful in helping me in the job search and resume building area. I've learned concepts I never would've considered. Due to Kevin's expertise and personal dedication, I've been able to stand out in the job search and my resume has received much attention. I would highly recommend Kevin Brennfleck to anyone and everyone needing assistance in pursuing a career.

Michael Pietila, Entrepreneur


Kevin is an expert on the coaching techniques and styles that are used to find an individual's career calling.
He is also very respectful and dedicated to his clients career goals.

Jennifer W, Provider Relations Rep II


I greatly enjoyed working with Kevin. He carefully helped me identify my strengths, and weaknesses, and helped me focus my efforts in areas where I can be the greatest value. I found him to be entirely professional, but also compassionate. That's a rare combination, and I plan to use his services again in the future.

Rich Marsh, Author, Writer, Book Editor & Wordsmith


Kevin is an intuitive individual with numerous career assessment resources. His knowledge and extensive experience in the realm of career counseling are readily apparent through his written work and in telephone interviews. He is always encouraging and positive in his view of an individual's God given potential.

David Williams, Religious Institutions Professional

Working with Kevin helped give me the clarity to see my potential & the courage to follow it.

Stephen Lewis ,Internet Marketing


Kevin tunes into the issues at hand and translates that understanding into a great result.

Don Scott, Regional Director

Kevin and Kay were a delight to work with during Insight for Living’s relocation from Orange county California to Frisco Texas.

Kevin provided outplacement services for approximately 90 employees. Kevin was professional and enthusiastic in his efforts. He demonstrated a high level of knowledge in his field, integrity in his relationships, and had sound work ethics in his service to our employees.

I highly recommend Kevin to help with other organizations

Bill Gemaehlich, Senior Pastor


I first met Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck at a conference about shifting your focus from success to significance. I was so impressed with the workshop they facilitated; I decided to work with Kevin on my own mid life career transition. Specifically, I went through their “Career Master Planning Program”. The materials provided and the process we went through together was high quality, exhaustive and comprehensive. By the time I was done, I came away with a clear vision for a new career path that aligned with my gifts, skills, aptitude, passion, finances and my Christian faith. What I really appreciate about working with Kevin is that he really listens and offers a lot of wisdom about navigating difficult transitions like a mid life career change. Along the way, there have been many distractions, diversions and discouragements that potentially could derail my career transition plans. During these times, Kevin always offered sound advice and encouragement that has helped me stay the course. Without this guidance, I truly believe I would be spinning my wheels and would not have any clear path to the career transition I desire. In summary, I highly recommend Kevin as career/life coach because he is professional, insightful, experienced, qualified, credentialed, a man of faith and passionate about helping his clients. But watch out, he makes you work hard!

Richard Morgan, Senior Director Supply Strategy and Analytics


Kevin is a very caring & personable professional who is knowledgable about many career fields, career coaching/counseling & job searching. I have requested his advice on several occasions. His advice was excellent, timely & helpful. He also trained my staff & I always received great comments about the content & presentation. In working with Kevin, I found him to be easy to working with & he always offered helpful comments regarding the consultations & resumes for my clients. He was a wonderful role model. I would highly recommend him to any business or individual.

Sharon (Plew) Ipes, NCC, NCCC, Achievement Coach


Kevin is very professional and creative in his work. First he administered tests to find the right type of work for me. He helped me look for jobs in the hidden market and gave me many other ideas for looking for work. I highly recommend him for career counseling and coaching.

Darrell Johnson, Regional Finance Manager for Latin America

I have been working with Kevin since 2008. I have found him to be a great source of encouragement as I have walked through the process of defining my strengths and interests, and aligning them with my mission in life. I have started the process many times in the past, but have never been able to develop a plan of action for making meaningful changes. Working with Kevin and relying on his guidance, I have developed that plan. Kevin's insight and expertise have provided me with the tools I needed to make hard decisions.

I have also found Kevin to be trustworthy and the right person I needed to hold me accountable for completing the steps required to make real progress. I highly recommend Kevin if you are in need of a coach and a friend to help you find your mission in life.

Mark Edwards, Project and Program Office


Kevin has provided outstanding consultation and resources to help me develop a Lifework Map and career development plan. I have used him twice for personal career support and once as a service provider for my company. He is always on target, professional, prepared, ethical and easy to work with. He gets my highest recommendation.

Duane Moyer, Exec. VP 


Working with Kevin lowered my psychological distress, helped me to clearly discover my calling, and changed my life for the better.

D. Ted Heaberlin, Jr, MA, LMFT, Christian Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Kay Marie is very detail-oriented and produced great opportunities for my further career. She helped me to figure out which jobs match to my personality, what work environment I need, etc.! I learned how to find and apply for the position I am seeking. Working with her was a pleasure, she changed my life!

Beate Sauerer, Administrative Services Manager


Kay Marie was very helpful in helping me identify my strengths and to create a Life Calling Plan to move forward with a possible career change. She helped me gain confidence in myself by getting to know me by listening and using her skill as a career profesisonal to assess who I am and what I am good at. I have a ways to go but I am much better prepared to move forward to whatever God has planned for my future.

Brent Kalemkiarian, Vice President Marketing


Kay Marie is an excellent career coach! I have used other career and resume services in the past, but none displayed the knowledge, care, and detail that she did. Not only did I receive an amazing, updated resume that gets results, but I also received empathy, honesty, and sincerity. Through working with Kay Marie I gained confidence in knowing that God has a purpose and successful career plan for my life. 

Felicia Williams, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counselor


Kay Marie provided her career coaching services to help match my skill set with my interests and the kind of jobs that would be a good match. Kay Marie also provided great insight on how I can position myself in my current job to move towards a place where my skill set is better used. Kay Marie and I scheduled several phone sessions to review and interpret Strongs Interest Inventory results, potential jobs, and next steps. I recommend Kay Marie for anyone trying to rediscover your life calling, your God-given design. 

Ivonne Alemany, Learning Specialist


I worked with Kay Marie Brennfleck when I was looking into making a career change. I found Kay Marie’s approach to be very effective in helping me identify fields compatible with my interests, values, and work-style. The coaching process itself was not only well-designed and structured, but also had the flexibility to match my needs and individual situation. Throughout this process, Kay Marie was encouraging and supportive; with her help I was able to work through obstacles in the career search that had held me back previously. It was a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend Kay Marie to anyone looking for assistance in their career search activities. 

Bertha Chang, Acting Associate Head, Collections & Research