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8 Steps to a Healthy Career Checkup 2018 (Part I)

8 Steps to a Healthy Career Checkup 2018 (Part I)

While it is wise to get a checkup annually from your doctor, it can be equally important to do the same for your career.  Doing so can lead to being a healthier, more joyful worker in your current job or a new one.  Have you had your career checkup?  Here are healthy action steps for your 2018 checkup:

1.     Reflect on this past year.

How is your work life going?  Are there any changes that you would like to make?  (Getting an increase in salary by requesting a raise? Requesting to work from home full- or part-time? Finding a brand-new career that is a better fit?) 

Whether your work is a good fit or not, writing down your top accomplishments and all the ways that God has blessed you within work will help you to appreciate what happened this last year and prepare you for success in 2018.

2.     Complete the online Career Checkup

To help you reflect on this you can complete our Career Checkup.  This tool will give you a score that can help you to consider any changes that you may want to make. 

If you realize that you need to change careers or you want to advance in your career, check out the  This unique online tool will enable you to assess your motivated skills, explore work that fits and conduct the very best job search in to find work you love.

3.     Reflect on your God given design.

Who am I? What is my God-given design? What do I enjoy doing, what do I value, what motivates me, what brings me a sense of fulfillment and meaning? What gifts and abilities has God given to me to use in this world? What needs, issues and/or causes do I find compelling and desire to address in my work?

God has created you to be a unique individual, with a specific design of abilities and interests. His desire is for you to work out of your design; that is, find work that utilizes what you love to do. He wants you to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from doing the work He created you to do. In so doing, you glorify Him.

To work out of your design, however, you must know what it is. Therefore, discover and/or deepen your understanding of your design through an assessment process which can include career tests, exercises, etc.  You can do this through the Christian Career Center through professional career testing and through using the Career Fit Test.

4.     Expand your vision of what the next options in your career could be. 

You can only choose from opportunities that you are aware of.  Knowing your design can help to explore new options through using tools like the O*NETOOHLinkedIn and informational interviewing (which involves talking to people that are in careers that could be of interest to you).

Steps 5-8 coming in February. 


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