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We value the privacy of our newsletter subscribers, customers, contacts and those who fill out our questionnaires and surveys. Our policy is to:

•Never sell, rent or provide our subscriber or customer list to third parties for e-mail marketing. 
•Send our newsletters and other information only to those who request them (that is, opt-in).  Individuals can immediately unsubscribe through convenient unsubscribe links in every e-mailing.
•Use cookies only for the protection and convenience of our users such as rotating banner advertising, identifying shoppers with their shopping carts, allowing subscribers to store passwords in cookies if desired, giving proper credit for sales made through links on our affiliate sites, and preventing users from experiencing our subscription box popup more than once.
•Store subscriber personal information, such as passwords, in a secure manner.
•Protect credit card information through encryption protocol such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL).  SSL makes it difficult to intercept or steal credit card information being transmitted.

These policies apply to all internet sites owned by Christian Career Center, Inc. including ChristianCareerCenter.com, ChurchJobsOnline.com, ChristianJobFair.com, and LiveYourCalling.com. 
Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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