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Religious Services Specialist Chaplain

Posted by: Church World Service

Posted date: 2012-Oct-12

Location: Miami

Send Resume to:      Church World Service

                                     Office of Human Resources

                                    P.O. Box 968

                                    Elkhart, IN  46515

                                    or fax to 574/266-0087

                                    or e-mail to cwshr(at)churchworldservice.org

Job Summary:

The Religious Services Specialist, who must be fluent in both English and Spanish,  provides spiritual and pastoral care to all detainees and also facilitates their opportunity to pursue their individual religious beliefs and practices in accordance with current law, Federal regulations, and the DHS Detention Standards.  The Religious Services Specialist primary duty is to provide counseling, spiritual direction, support and crisis intervention to the detainees.  The Religious Services Specialist role is to be a non-judgmental caring influence in the lives of all individuals, a visible model of respect and caring for each person in spiritual need.  Presence is the vital aspect of the Religious Services Specialist’s ministry throughout the facility.

Responsibility and Authority:

This position is located at the Krome Service Processing Center.  The Religious Services Specialist operates under the general direction of the Religious Services Coordinator.  The Religious Services Coordinator is responsible for implementing a multifaceted religious service program designed to serve a diverse religious, cultural, educational, and social population.  The Religious Services Specialist assists the Religious Services Coordinator in planning, directing, and supervising all aspects of the religious program and oversees the general running of the facility's religious services program.

Job Responsibilities:

The basic mission of the Religious Service Specialist can be summed up in the following four core functions, each with its attendant areas of responsibility.

a)    Pastoral care giving

The Religious Services Specialist demonstrates pastoral care skills with sensitivity, approachability, and availability to both detainees and staff. Among the duties and responsibilities:

1.    Providing individual spiritual and personal counseling.
2.    Responding to identified needs of detainees.
3.   Regular and personal leadership at worship and prayer gatherings of his or her own faith                    tradition.
4.    Helping to bring resolution to crisis situations involving detainees, staff or their families.
5.    Being visible in all areas of the institution including Special Housing Units.
6.    Responding to identified needs of detainees.

b)    Religious Leadership

The Religious Services Specialist ensures impartial religious leadership to meet the diverse needs of different faith groups. Among the duties and responsibilities are:

1.    Representing the Religious Services Program and the facility at civic and religious                              meetings, professional conferences, and seminars when the Coordinator is unable to do so.
2.    Serving as one of the facility's religious liaison with the outside community as needed.
3.    Making contact with local clubs, church groups or organizations etc.
4.    Demonstrating leadership at worship and prayer gatherings of his or her own faith tradition.
5.    Working collaboratively with the volunteer Religious Service Providers in all aspects of the                 ministry.
6.    Coordinating the volunteer Religious Service Providers program.
7.    Supervising religious services and meetings
8.    Coordinating visits to detainees by clergy of detainee's faith based community.

c)    Program Administration

The Religious Services Specialist assists the Religious Services Coordinator by:

1.    Coordinating programs provided by contractors and volunteers.
2.    Assisting in recruiting and training volunteers.
3.    Collaborating with the Recreational Department for ongoing socialization of detainees.
4.    Completing daily, weekly, monthly and other required reports on a timely basis.

d)    Institutional Coordination:

The Religious Services Specialist communicates the mission and goals of the Office of the Religious Services Coordinator. Among the duties and responsibilities are:

1.    Assisting in providing training programs and materials for staff in new and/or unfamiliar                       issues of detainee religious beliefs and practices.
2.    Evaluates religious materials coming into the facility and makes recommendations for the                  expansion of the religious section of the detainee library.



Qualifications and Experience Requirements

a)    Knowledge Required by Position:

1.    Fluency in both English and Spanish (or other language) which is reflective of the site’s          detainee population.  Additional languages are helpful.
2.    Ability to do research to increase understanding of recognized religious as well as their           basic tenets and worship requirements.
3.    Knowledge of existing DHS Detention Standards, relevant Policy and Procedure Standards of the American Correctional Association, and other guidelines that govern religious             programming.
4.    Skill in implementing and monitoring compliance with policy directives/guidelines.
5.    Skill in interpersonal communication with staff, detainees, and volunteers within the facility    setting as well as outside agencies and organizations.
6.    A working knowledge of computers and printers, including Microsoft and Excel.
7.    Skill in interviewing and counseling (individual/group).
8.    Willingness to participate in random drug screenings, as required for this position.

b)    Religious Credentials:

Candidates for this position must satisfy the following requirements for an appointment as facility Religious Services Associate Chaplain.

1.    Applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited college in social work,             counseling, pastoral work or other appropriate discipline.
2.    Applicants should have at least 2 units of CPE from an ACPE accredited program or             verifiable similar experience.
3.    Applicants should have at least two years of pastoral/spiritual leadership experience in a        congregational or specialized ministry setting and an ecclesiastical endorsement by the         individual’s respective faith.
4.    The Faith based group of all candidates will provide a Faith based Endorsement.  The            applicant’s endorsement will attest to the applicant’s suitability for detention ministry,   support for his/her candidacy, and a clear assurance statement that the applicant has no          present or past impediment to congregational ministry, nor to ministry to detainees of all      belief systems. 

Job Title Religious Services Specialist Chaplain
Post Details
Organization Church World Service
Email hrcws(at)churchworldservice.org
Location Miami
State State -> Florida
Zip Code 33126.00
Country Country -> United States
Salary 46,735
Deadline for applying 2030-Nov-12
Job Type Job Type -> Full-time
Job Category Job Classification -> Ministry - Other
Church Job Category
Church Size
Worship Style

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