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Farm Manager/Animal Husbandry Instructor

Posted by: Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch

Posted date: 2013-Jan-30

Location: Lampe, MO


Supervise residents during work projects & free time activities

Enforce consequences for misbehavior & understand rules, policies, and philosophy of the LUC program.

Supervise chores inside and out, including being familiar with expectations of each particular area. Work within time schedule.

Enforce promptness of scheduled time for wakeup, school, meals, work job, recreation, devotions, bedtime.

Be a positive role-model and teach life lessons based on Biblical principles to the residents including how to deal with difficult and stressful situations, make good decisions, and be an honest, trustworthy individual.

 Always be aware of and utilize safety precautions that would eliminate or mitigate likelihood of accidents.

Lives Under Construction(LUC) Boys Ranch is a residential treatment program for at-risk boys between the ages of 7 and 18. Our program is designed to enable boys to become productive, law-abiding, respectful young men through a balanced Christ-centered program of academics, vocational training, and good old fashioned hard work.  Because the boys that we work with come from a variety of backgrounds, LUC staff members need to be servant-minded, consistent in enforcing the program through structure and discipline, calm and kind during stressful situations, committed to instilling habits that lead to later success, and dedicated to seeing projects through to completion.   


  • Ensure proper treatment and care of the animals including medical assistance, worming/shots, bottle feeding (when necessary), maintenance of animal hooves, sheering sheep (if applicable), etc. 
  • Oversee farm operations.  Supervise staff and boys on the farm chores. 
  • Train and work with the boys in how to properly care for the animals (e.g. feeding, medical needs, etc).
  • Check all chores to ensure they are completed as directed and in line with the LUC program and Ranch procedures. After chores are completed, use remaining time to work on projects on the Ranch (e.g. repair/install feeders, fix fence, worm, vaccinate, etc.)
  • Build and repair fences as needed. 
  • Responsible for ordering feed, supplies, etc. as needed.  Utilize available resources in an effective manner – paying close attention to stewardship. 
  • Assist with the planting, cutting, and baling of hay in various fields.
  • Assist in childcare shifts and responsibilities as needed.
  • Enforce discipline and understand rules, consequences, policies, and the basis for them.

                Willing and able to work with troubled boys on a daily basis

                23 years of age

                Have a high school diploma or GED

                Experience/skilled in farm management and care of animals


                Complete duties and assigned tasks

                Position does require some childcare responsibilities outside of farm


    NOTE:  Other duties and assignments not included under this job description may also be expected.


    Job Title Farm Manager/Animal Husbandry Instructor
    Post Details
    Organization Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch
    Phone 417-779-5374
    Email erik_jacobson(at)msn.com
    Location Lampe, MO
    State State -> Missouri
    Zip Code 65681.00
    Country Country -> United States
    Deadline for applying
    Job Type Job Type -> Full-time
    Job Category Job Classification -> Agricultural
    Church Job Category
    Church Size
    Worship Style

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