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Would you like to quickly find jobs that use your work experience and expertise? CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, provides My Skills, My Future, which is a tool to help you find careers that use your skills and experience.

My Skills, My Future is one of many tools that the U.S. Department of Labor has to help job hunters and career changers. It can help you:

  • Find new occupations to explore that use similar skills to those used in your current or previous jobs;
  • View details about the suggested job areas including job outlook and salary information;
  • Find training for these jobs in your local area;
  • Discover businesses in your area that often employ people in these job areas;
  • Find current job postings.

Try this tool today by going to www.mySkillsmyFuture.org

But what if you are in work that uses "killer skills"?  "Killer skills" are those skills that you perform very well, but that you hate using.  If you have a job that uses "killer skills", it can slowly "kill" you as it drains you emotionally and many times even physically.  The last thing you want is job where you have to keep using these skills!

If you have been working in jobs that are dissatisfying, unfulfilling and use "killer skills," then perhaps it is time to find the work that you were designed by God to do.  Professional career testing and counseling can help you to discover your motivated skills and interests as well as the types of jobs that would best fit your God-given design.  If you would like to explore how investing in affordable career services can help you to find work that you would love, you are invited to schedule a free career services consultation. (Monthly payment plans for professional career programs are as low as about $135 per month.)

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