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Whether you are job searching or employed but thinking about making a job change, it is important to follow employer trends that can increase your chances of finding the right job for you.  In 2015:

1.  It is a good time to make a career transition but you need to be targeted.  Fifty eight percent of employees plan to change jobs in 2015.  The good news is that over three-quarters (76%) of employers plan to hire in 2015.  Employers are looking for candidates who know what kind of work they are motivated to do.  It is always easy to find candidates who will show up for a paycheck, but it is much more difficult to find people who have taken the time to target the type of work that is engaging and fulfilling.  Make 2015 the year that you make a transition into work you'll love.

2. Social media continues to be important. The Career Thought Leaders Consortium held this past fall affirmed that using social media-especially LinkedIn-is essential for career development and job search work.  These sites will not magically find you the right job, but can be powerful tools for branding and networking. Your job is to learn how to set up your profile and use the networking tools that LinkedIn provides.  Here is a LinkedIn guide for recent graduates that job hunters of all ages can benefit from watching.

3. Both employers and employees are doing continuous job searches. Organizations are adapting to employees who are changing job more often.  Companies are using a variety of strategies for retention including the use of social media as well as recruiting college students and even high school students for internships.  Technology has made it easy for people to find new jobs and for recruiters to "steal" talent through sites like LinkedIn.  Learning how to brand yourself online and to always be prepared for job search activities is becoming increasingly important.

3.  Women are gaining more career opportunities. A study by Pew Research shows that millennial women are now earning 93 cents for every dollar earned by men.  Also, Forbes reports that "new research also shows that the top financially successful companies have 37% of their leaders as women and 12% are high-potential women."  The trending indicates that there will be more women in leadership positions in 2015.

If you are serious about targeting work that fits who you are in 2015, we invite you to schedule a career services consultation. During the consolation we will analyze your career situation and discuss services that help you make 2015 the best year ever in your career.

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